Discount US postage at 78% of face value

Postage at 78% of Face Value!

A to Z Stamps offers Discount US Postage at 78% of the face value. You can send all your mail at a 22% discount!

Do you need Discount Postage at 78% of Face Value?

Here's the sccop. Let us know how much face value you need. We'll make your order to order just for you. Minimum order is $25.00 Face Value. Maximum order without contacting us first for availability at this rate is $2,500. This is a cash or check discount price only. Credit cards are ok but 3% more. (Your cost on $50 of face would be $39.00 plus actual shippng cost if we need to mail it - most of the time I can ship small orders like this for about a buck in postage to mail it).

Your postage will be from 6¢ through 34¢ mostly and well mixed. If you ask us to we can throw in a little bit of 1¢ thru 5¢ stamps to help round out letters and packages.

Also for just a tad bit more (88% of face) we can make you packets of 49¢ combinations if you just send letters and bills with it.

We could also pick for you say $50 of face mixture at 78% plus say another 30 sets of 49¢ at 88%. Your wish is our command.

We have a slew of postage to get rid of . We possibly could even get you a selection of "all different" postage by counting up the postage in one of the zillions of albums around and selling you the whole kit and kaboodle at 78% plus actual postage if we have to mail it.

Remember - This is Discount Postage! Some stamps may be hinged, or slightly damaged but they will all have full gum and most will be Mint Never Hinged just like they came from the post office. You may find some stamps to add to your collection but that is not the intended purpose of these lots.

Please order at least one day in advance if you wish to pick up postage at the store to guarantee availability as most of the stock is stored and worked on in our off-site processing facility.

If you want to make it easy - feel free to just send us a check for any amount payable to A to Z Stamps and just tell us to send Discount Postage and we can caclulate how much face to send less the small shipping cost mentioned above. For example: You send us a $50 check and after a buck in mailing costs you'll be getting $62.82 in Face Value of Mint Postage. Simple! ($49 divided by .78)

We will always take your shipping postage directly out of the postage you are purchasing so the amount we send you will be less the stamps on the envelope we sent it in. No extra charges. No surprises.Thus, you'll get nice used stamps on your mailing envelope as well.